Inflatable Tent Tube Repair Kit

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Stormsure inflatable tent repair kit is extremely flexible, durable, versatile, abrasion resistant and waterproof that enables you to make a simple, quick and permanent repair to the damage and puncture or any common problems on your tent fabric, especially those with inflatable pillars, struts, and air beams. Also, ideal for repairing Holes in inflatable beds, self-inflating mattresses, boats, paddling pools, and toys. An essential repair kit for hikers, campers, outdoor and water sports enthusiast.

Repair Kit for inflatable shelters such as tents with inflatable pillars, struts, and air beams. The Stormsure Inflatable Tent Tube Repair Kit enables you to make a quick and simple repair to common problems affecting damaged and worn tents. Instantly repairs most outdoor gear including Air Bladders, Canopies, Awnings, Groundsheets, Rips, Leaks and Seams and even tents, tarps.


  • 1 X 5g tube of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive
  • 2 X 75mm Tuff Tape Circular Patch
  • 1 X 15cm Strip of TUFF Tape
  • 1 X Glue Applicator / Spreader
  • 1 X Plastic Gloves
  • 1 X Alcohol Wipe

For small rips in nylon just apply a patch over the damage and press it on firmly. The matte finish on the circular patches makes the repair almost invisible. For leaks and cuts in clear plastic windows, use the clear self-adhesive strip. For awkward corners, seam sealing, etc use the Stormsure Adhesive. It does not need a patch!


  • Deluxe repair kit for repairing tents, especially those with inflatable pillars, struts, and airbeams
  • Enable you to make simple and quick repairs to common problems and damage to tent fabric
  • Repair leaks in the bladders in the AirBeams and inflatable pillars permanently
  • Leaks, small rips and dripping seams or stitching can be fixed in minutes
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